#KillTheBeat Grand Final Voting Result

Kill The Beat

The final round of voting for our 1st Edition of #KillTheBeat Challenge has come to an end. After a keen challenge between the 5 final challengers, only one Artiste emerged as the Grand Winner.

As expected, the Grand Winner 🏆 will be entitled to the below entitlements:


  • The Grand Winner will be given Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000)
  • The artiste’s best song will be featured on Mina Music’s homepage for 1 Month
  • The artiste’s songs will be featured in our monthly mixtape to be hosted by Mina Music exclusive DJ Ray.
  • The Grand Winner will be promoted on all our social media handles for 1 month.
  • The Grand Winner will be the face of our next edition.


Nomination form was filled by several Artistes but only 11 made it through to the Challenge. The 1st Edition of Mina Music #KillTheBeat Challenge had the following challengers:


  • Baebieface
  • Boybuzu
  • Freshstar
  • Luliboy
  • Pd Moutpiz


  • Baby Papa
  • Biggie Manzy


  • Freshkid
  • Jikeey
  • Ovi Kings
  • Princegnf

However, only 5 challengers progressed to the final round of the challenge. The Artistes who progressed to the final stage are:

  • Baebieface
  • Biggie Manzy
  • Freshkid
  • Jikeey
  • Luliboy


Our 1st Edition of #KillTheBeat Challenge had a total of 511 votes shared among the 5 final challengers.

The graph below shows how the voters voted for their best Artiste who killed the grand beat:

Grand Final Voting Result
Grand Final Voting Result

As seen in the above voting result, the Grand Winner 🏆 of our 1st Edition of #KillTheBeat Challenge is Luliboy with 115 votes. The runners up for the final challenge are Baebieface with 111 votes, Biggie Manzy and Jikeey got 105 votes each while Freshkid had 75 votes.


Grand Winner - Luliboy

Congratulations to the Grand Winner, Luliboy 🏆🏆

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