Mercy Praise “Okosisi”

in the Ibo eastern tribe of Nigeria is a name of the largest tree in the forest.
In music you can best render adoration to God by making known to Him His place in the midst of mortals.

This song projects the place of God in the midst of all other gods. A song no infirmity, situation, circumstance and conditions can withstand because of the personality involved.

Satan may throw so many fierry darts at you just as it was expressed in the song. But all we need do is just develop the capacity to invoke and introduce God from the realm of His supremacy and there shall be instant Peace.

As you sing Okosisi from the depth of your heart, He will show up for you in Jesus Mighty Name.

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He who made heaven and the earth
heaven is your throne
the source of every river is an ocean
you are the ocean we connect to as river
when lion shows up in the jungle
every other animal takes to there heels
today Okosisi is showing up
every other gods are disappearing
the gods of fibroid, paralysis, leukemia, HIV aids, dumbness, blindness they are all leaving
because Okosisi agunechemba is in this place
odonmiri bethesda okalanmuo akalanmadu dike kadibia okenmuo netionweya
chukwu nemenma
okosisi nechendu
agbanwa gbawe o
okosisi Okosisi ebano
Chorus: Okosisi okosisi okosisi ebano

.. Solo…

Okosisi the lion and the lamb
the rider on the white horse of glory
faithful and true in your judgement
on your head and leg is written
holy God, faithful God
loving and compassionate savior
mercyful and awesome redeemer
my father most holy king of glory
when Okosisi shows up
amadioha will disappear
songo alekwu ibegwu
the ancient serpent of your father’s house will surely give way
rejoice good news is here
dance and celebrate
Okosisi the stone without hands is showing up
he’s showing up today for you


Okalanmuo okalamadunmadu
otarankata ose augom nmiri
ojikatapila agbafuonu
ojiakpantu merepilo
ikeku abamba


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