sam uk: Ubeke Samuel Ogah, popularly known as
” Sam Uk ” is a young talented personality, from Benue State Nigeria, Okpokwu Ito, Obi local government area.
He’s the first son in a family of four.
He’s a fast rising music producer, song writer and a performing artiste.
He started his musical carrier while he was a child, and he keeps growing till date.
He’s first debut album titled “Yogbo Hohe” was released and launched on 29th/12/2019 and has a couple of songs available online.

He has returned again with another hit titled (Obe) which means; Thank you.
This track is a self produced track, which he really did well on it . And I also discover that he has gone far in his Musical career.
Also he’s gifted in playing musical instruments such as; “keyboard, Lead guitar, Bass guitar” etc.

sam uk: Thank you (Obe) Lyrics

When I was all alone, it’s only you i see
Nowhere to go, nowhere to rest
No place for me to hide
I was pushed aside, they turned me down
When I called on the world
It turned it’s back on me
Then where else should I go, you said
Come to me, all ye that labour
and are heavy laden, I will give you rest
I’ve found my place of rest
Now I’m free,
No more sickness, I’m free
No pain, no more accident
All things are falling in places for me.

Lead Vocal
Thank you, thank you,
for everything you’ve done, in my life
Obe, e ye e yee, Obe, for all you’ve done,
In my life, say Obe.

Call / Response
Obe, obe, for everything you’ve done,
in my life X2
Obe, obe, for all you’ve done, in our lifes X2

Chorus + Add lips
Obe, obe, Jesus, Savior X6

Lord we worship you, thank you Lord, for all you’ve done for me
Obe, thank you for everything you’ve done for me Lord, Savior Jesus,
Lord we say thank you, thank you Lord.

For more info; search “Sam Uk” on Google and on the following handles.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. @samuk9ja.

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