The Lord God Reigns – Ufuoma (Lyrics Video)

My encouragement for you is to hold on tightly to the Lord and His promises. If you’re still here, He has a good work for you to do. Rejoice in that fact and worship. Indeed, The Lord God Reigns! For more awesome worship, please subscribe to my channel here:…

This song was laid on my heart in August 2019. Little did I know at the time that 2020 was going to be a different kind of year. I guess He was trying to reassure me and everyone else that He is still in the midst of it all. He reigns. He has not lost control. He has a good plan. We need to trust His process. In the fullness of time, the mysteries of this season will be revealed.

Though trying times, I have seen the goodness of the Lord, even in this season. Special shout out to my producer @iamtpee1 (Instagram) for putting this together, despite challenging circumstances. After trying many producers, he was the only one I found that could capture the vision of the song. I truly appreciate his effort on this.

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